Monday, 11 May 2009

Wanna come over...

....and play some records??  Guess what I got for mothers day??  

We have had so much fun listening to my family's old record collection.  They have brought back so many memories and some old and different music for my boys ears.  The stories behind the albums, and how we used to ponder over the lyrics to the songs while the music was playing.  When we were kids my sister Gabby and I, and a few girls from our neighbourhood, used to stand on our front concrete door step, it was a perfect stage, with music pouring out the downstairs window we would mime and dance to our ABBA records.  Fighting over who would be Agnetha the beautiful blonde, we thought that people driving by actually thought we were singing.  I was so looking forward to playing those records again, when I discovered that there was only one ABBA record in the collection and it had a large chip out of it too!  Any idea where the other one's are Gabby??  Nevertheless I was so glad to hear my old Beatles Ballads again, it had been a long time since I heard it last.  When Donald put on the music from Swan Lake I burst into tears, so many memories.......sentimental fool that I am.

The boys enjoyed listening to the Star Wars theme by John Williams, standing around reading the Album cover and humming along to the music.  They found Sparky's Magic Piano a bit painful though and refused listening to the other side, Sparky and the talking train.

I think I woke up to Trumpet a GoGo this morning.  Donald has taken to the record player as much as I have, I think he's out scouring old record shops right now looking for some of his own family memories.  Maybe we'll introduce the boys to a bit of Roger Whittaker this afternoon, one of my dad's old favourites, alongside West Side Story and a bit of Chad Morgan's The Sheik from Scrubby Creek.

Oooowwr, Ooooowwr, Oowr Oowr Oowr Oooowwr........  You get the picture Jan and Gabby!  At least I know a good punishment for the boys when they misbehave, I can't wait for that day.

What are some of your favourite old records?


Stacy said...

We had so many old records growing up as well. I wonder what happend to them all when my parents moved last year. We listened to Simon and Garfunkle - one of my dads favorites - Nat King Cole, and I fondly remember this record story of the 3 little pigs it had songs to it.

What a fun gift for you. Have fun going down memory lane!

Suzi P said...

Not quite as .. er.. vintage but I my brother had Aha and I had Keith Harris and Orville that I'd cry too.

Can't believe you have a Herman's Hermits album! I'm going to get them stuck in my head when I'm trying to sleep :o)

Anonymous said...

Those Abba records (along with the rest of my scary record collection) were donated to James for him to sample when DJing. You'll just have to get some new ones !


Kim said...

That is a great Mothers Day present! We didn't really do records but Rogers family still has hundreds - the kids love them. Jesse's favourite is one called "Sounds of the Third Reich" -it has live recordings of Hitler ranting and bands playing and crowds cheering - it's very funny actually since we obviously can't understand the words.

Caroline said...

Ummm. ahhh Can I just say my favourite was The Sound of Music soundtrack & umm can I say I have just bought the dvd. My children think it's shameful then they sit down & watch it with meLOL!!