Saturday, 16 January 2010

Dearest Joan

How do I love this quilt.....let me count the ways.....

This quilt is everything I've ever wanted and more.  It is beautiful, it is vibrant, it brings me such joy. The richness of the colours and the way the leaves fall.  It is perfect.

It is just like the ground beneath a maple or liquid amber tree in full colour.  It is just like the leaves gently falling off the tree and fluttering to the ground.  I want to roll in those leaves and now I can.  Autumn is my most favourite, favourite time of year and you have captured it in this quilt for me all year round.

You are a very talented and clever woman.  Nine months of love, sweat and tears (and swearing) that went into creating this magnificent quilt.  Now you've handed over her care and you feel a little empty...but she is in good hands now and will be loved for ever more.  Visits are encouraged, in fact are compuslory.

Thank you Joan

Lots and Lots of Love


Sam's favourite leaf

Ethan's favourite leaf

Toby's favourite leaf

PS. You are my favourite mother in law xx


Carli said...

Lisha, this quilt is so you! How beautiful - Joan, I know how quilts are a labour of love and this one will be cherished forever. (Hopefully your only mother in law Lisha!!)

Kim said...

It's a beautiful quilt and because Joan made it every corner matches I'm sure - but she has a gift for colour I think.