Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Holidays (Part 1)

First of all Happy New Year to all.  We've been away holidaying in Queensland at my mum's and now we're back home ready to get on with some regular holiday stuff.  The car carried us up to Queensland and back without a worry.  Christmas was busy, fun, creative and very, very filling.  We have not stopped eating good food.  Time for a little more exercise I think. 

I'm a little out of blogging practice, not having blogged for a few weeks and so I have compiled a few images of our first week of the Christmas Holidays. So many photo's to choose from, here are just a few of my favourites so far.

A package from Ireland

Decorating our Lilly Pilly Christmas tree, which I climbed onto my mothers roof to cut down (it was growing a little out of control)

Toby's row of little treasure boxes (grapes bitten in half)

Christmas morning with French toast for breakfast, compliments of Grandma

A 40th Birthday present for me made by Joan (more on this amazing quilt later)

A Christmas fruit platter full of Queensland fruit (all except for the Kiwi fruit which obviously comes from Kiwi land)

Sharpening the carving knife, a tense moment before the Turkey was carved....will it be dry or moist.....moist it was, and tender!!

Cousins and their magic performances...there are those crossed eyes again!!

Wii Band Hero....the best entertainment for rock and roll wannabes

The Walker family Christmas at the Strawberry Queen's house


Kim said...

Joan told me about your quilt when they were out before Christmas - it's stunning!
Love the last photo of Wayne and three big boys.

Debbie said...

those fruits are amazing!!!!!