Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Holidays (1st part of part 1)

Confused by the title??  One of my longest, tallest and best, best friends got married the week before Christmas.  Hence my reason for getting up to Brisbane as quickly as possible.  By the way the photo below is Christine's dad walking her down the aisle (or up the back yard) to her man Andrew. 

Even though we had car troubles, we had a day spare to get to Brisbane to make it to the wedding.  My friend Christine, we went through High school together but became better friends once we shed our high school years, has found the man in her life who loves her for all of her quirks, kinks and all of the lovely bits (there are lots of those).

I'm so happy for her.  Her life has fallen into place in so many ways and getting married was kind of the icing on the cake for her. 

It was a lovely back yard wedding beautifully orchestrated by Christine and her man Andrew.

Under the mango and poinciana trees and a few covered gazebo's we witnessed their love and vows for each other.  

The sweat trickled down our backs as we gulped down cool drinks and nibbled on the deliciously catered food in the middle of a hot, humid Brisbane day. 

I've never seen Christine or her parents so happy.  It was a lovely day.  Relief from the heat came with the storm that rolled in later that afternoon as we all sat under the gazebo's eating, drinking and chatting, watching the rain fall around us. 

A truly magical day, thank you Christine and Andrew.