Thursday, 28 January 2010

Gone so quickly

Our last day spent under a rumbling sky,

Sitting by the BBQ swatting flies,

Laughing like we have been doing this every day in the holidays,

Munching on the dinner of choice, burgers cooked on the BBQ, that was fueled by the mountain of sticks Toby collected at the park on Australia day

Slurping on root beer

Desert to follow with favourite raspberry, blueberry and malteser ice cream

The holidays are over so quickly and they are off to school today, one happy to go, the other not so happy

and an extra one to hang out with me but wasn't so happy because he wanted to wear his soccer boots and we ran out of time to put them on.


Debbie said...

sooo fun and you have made me VERY hungry!!!!

Kathleen said...

hey who is the lucky woman to have such handsome grandchildren