Wednesday, 12 May 2010

More hats

Sam and Donald now have a warm winter hat each that I have crocheted.  We were driving to church on Sunday morning, all the boys were wearing their warm hats, when a chorus piped up from the back seat "When are you going to make yourself a hat Lisha?"....."When I've got a little time, life has been a bit busy lately" I replied.  I have a feeling they thought I felt left out not wearing one.  Even if I did I wouldn't be wearing it on my newly washed and blow dried hair on the way to church.  However I have loved seeing these boys wearing their hats at night after a bath or first thing in the morning when it's a bit chilly.  I am just starting on my own hat at last, my fingers have been itching to start one.

Of course Donald had a little extra special work done on his hat, it was a little difficult trying to crochet a maple leaf into the hat so a little stitch work did the trick.  Donald was most chuffed with his hat.

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