Monday, 31 May 2010

Wet weather weekend

This weekend soccer was cancelled, all of the fields were/are still closed, it was lovely to have a sleep in at last.  It has been a very wet week and walking to and from school has seen me going through a couple of pairs of trousers each day, as from the knee down they get soaked due to the rain.  Saturday afternoon I went in  search of the right pair of gumboots for me.  I searched online, very expensive and takes too long to ship when you want them yesterday.  So I went searching high and low and round about, and finally found myself a pair just right.  Of course they were found in the last place I looked, Target, at the end of the day when all hope had run out to find the right colour and the right size.  I found them and they spoke to me.  I'm afraid the leopard skin ones didn't.  They were a bargain at 30% off and I felt rather pleased with my selection.  So here they are, my red spotty gumboots, or wellies or galoshes, what ever you fancy to call them.

Toby was so excited when I bought them home, he said "Now you can splash in puddles with me!" and that is exactly what we did this afternoon.

The weekend also saw us piecing together my Babette blanket that is starting to grow.  Remember my dream was to crochet one?  Well it's happening, slowly but surely, I'm figuring out my colours and what works in the squares and what doesn't.  I'm really enjoying this project.

Maybe soon I'll get some better photo's, the light isn't the greatest at the moment with so many dark rain clouds around, our house becomes very dark, so am waiting for a little more sun and light.  I've still got many more squares to crochet but I'm plugging away.  It's been a good weekend, I didn't get much crochet done though as we were invited out to dinner both Saturday and Sunday nights, most crochet gets done in the evenings with my feet up, covered in my Autumn leaf blanket and the tv on.  It's a very cosy way to spend these cooler nights.  I am actually quite enjoying these rainy days, especially now I've got my boots to go splashing, now all I need is a raincoat and a good umbrella to match.


Caroline said...

Love your new photo on your blog header & of course the red gumboots. I am a sucker for red polka dots. It looks like you live in a nice leafy street. Enjoy the weather snuggled up in your cosy house with your family. Bliss!!

Felicity said...

Love your red gumboots!! that's what I need with all this crazy rain! especially at 3 o'clock pick up time when it seems to be pouring everyday :)

ps) I LOVE your hats you've been making - you should sell these!!

Kim said...

The quilt looks great - and so do the boots. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.