Saturday, 1 May 2010

Back to normal

Well the house is empty of guests, I feel a little sad and I've already broken open a block of chocolate to smother my sadness.  Donald has just taken his mum to the airport, the last of our house guests gone.  My mum left on Wednesday and Alister left on Tuesday.  It's been a fun couple of weeks with family staying.

As it was ANZAC day holiday on Monday, and the day was beautiful and clear, we took a drive to Wiseman's ferry, a little north west of us.  It's a such a lovely drive through the more rural areas of Sydney, places where I would love to live, a little more space, a little more green, less busy than the suburbs....a place to keep chooks and grow pumpkins.

The morning was cool and crisp but warmed up beautifully.  I packed a picnic for us, warmed sausages, salad, buns and left over birthday cake, we took the picnic blankets and cricket bats and spent the afternoon soaking up the sun by the river.

We had a fun afternoon munching and playing cricket.  How lovely it was to relax for a change.  The past week has been very busy, organising a baptism, a birthday party,  making room in the house for everyone to sleep, feeding everyone and coordinating airport runs.  It was so nice to take a day off.

Now the house is quiet, things are back to normal, I think I'd do it all over again we've had lots of fun, I'm not sure I like having no family around. Mothers (grandmothers), brothers and uncles make life a little more interesting and fun.

Please come back again soon family.....please!

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