Wednesday, 15 December 2010


We have had many reasons to celebrate,  surviving last week is one of them, surviving a spider/insect bite (it is slowly improving), celebrating Toby's MRI being clear of any scary stuff....Yay!!! Celebrating Christmas carols in the park with good friends with a picnic, fireworks and glowing light sabres.   Graduating from pre-school and finishing school for the year.  There have been lots of ups and downs but oh what a relief it is to reach the end of the school year.  Here are a few celebratory images.

We celebrated tonight with fish, chips and salad and a little purple bubbly grapetiser.

Cheers big ears and Happy Holidays!!


Out Back said...

That is good news about Toby's MRI and your nasty bite Lisha. Hope you get Toby's problems sorted out soon.

Looks like smiles all round for this time of year...

Lovely photos of your sweet family.

Take care,


Lisha said...

Thanks Tania for your kind words.


Caroline said...

I am so glad that Toby's MRI was clear. The bite looked really nasty, hope it is healing well now, is it itchy yet? Sounds like you have had a really busy week I hope things start to slow down for a peaceful Christmas for you & your beautiful family.

Oh and cheers to you to "Big ears" xo

Lisha said...

Thanks Caroline, things have definitely slowed now school and all the school celebrations have finished, I have breathed a big sigh of relief. And yep the bite is very itchy, had to get a tetanus shot and another lot of antibiotics today :+/


sirpa said...

Oh, the aussie way of life! Second to none. How I miss it! Your christmas caroling picnic is very different from our annual christmas carols and concert :) I'm sure our kids would enjoy yours more and would not offer me money if they won't have to go :)

Kim said...

Wondferful news about Toby!