Monday, 6 December 2010

Light and Shade

My Mum has been staying with us for a few weeks and when she comes she puts herself to work keeping on top of my mountains of laundry and mending everything with holes in the knees or hemming jeans for Donald.  When my Aunt Desley was staying with us back in October she put herself to work too!  She cut back the Azaleas in our front yard that flowered so beautifully this Spring.  

They were in dire need of a hair cut, and were getting tall and looking a little scraggly after flowering  this Spring, so she cut them right back with our extra big toenail clippers.

Little did I know that on cutting them down below the window frame that this would let so much more light into our bedroom. 

I did like the privacy of the Azalea screen covering our window, but the light that brightens our room now is magnificent.  

I can lie on our bed and look out to the Cape Chestnut with the pink blooms and see the purple Jacarandas peeping through them.  

As our room is on the south side of the house it's always been dark and damp, not anymore.  I think I'm going to keep the azaleas nice and short from now on.  I can just see the new green growth starting to come through on the clipped branches now too.

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