Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I solemly swear...

...that I am up to no good!

We have a prefect in our family, let's hope we don't lose any house points for being out of our dorms late at night.

Well done Sam, we are very proud of you and your new badge, you wear it well.

 Mischief managed!!


And here's the Chocolate Pistachio Fudge recipe found at "What's for Dinner Mum?"

Toby likes to call them moustachio's.

 "This moustachio hasn't got a nut in it!!"


Caroline said...

Congratulations Sam! I hope you are able to "practice" your job as a prefect on your family over the hols!
Thank you for your kind words & prayers for Emerald but I missed yesterdays post on Toby's MRI although I remember he was coming up for it as you posted about your practice LOL! What a brave little man. Kind thoughts & prayers are with your family for Toby's scan results. Children, they worry us don't they?
Caroline xo

Mitch Squires said...

Congratulations Sam! Well deserved.