Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Ethan's favourite subject

A little while ago I found a book in the second hand book shop and I gave it to Ethan.   Little did I know that he would carry this book to school every day and read it whenever he got a spare moment.  This is a book on space and he has just about absorbed every fact and information on the solar system that there is to know.  Ethan spends a lot of time reciting some of the information that he's learned, he is a mine of planetary information.  Ethan's school project this term had a space theme to it so he chose to make a model of the solar system.  Fortunately I found a kit of the solar system made of foam and Ethan just needed to paint and construct the planets, with the help of Donald, and apply all of the information to a fact sheet.

Ethan's teacher filmed Ethan presenting his project.  I hope you can view it, my internet is playing up a bit at the moment, otherwise you can click on the link below labeled Ethan's Model.

Here's a group effort from Ethan and a few of his classmates who made a video with some information on the planet Mercury.

So if there is anything you need to know about the planets....just ask Ethan.


Kim said...

Hi Ethan - here's a link you might like - it's a guide to making a scale model of the solar system - you need a couple of kilometres but you can do it along the street - we have done it on the beach and on the road - it's really interesting.

Hope you like it.
Love Kim

Kim said...

PS - love the model you made - it will look great in your room once you have finished with it at school.