Friday, 25 November 2011

A gastronomic day

Today I spent the day with Donald's mum Joan and brother Alister who are staying with us at the moment.  Alister was desirous of visiting some rather exquisite foodie places in Sydney and had an itinerary and map all set out of places for us to explore.  Our first stop was the Fine Family Butcher - Victor Churchill in Woollahra.  Words cannot describe this place it is like no other butcher shop.  I just loved the door handles when you first walk in. . . .

The array of fine meats and delicacies was mind blowing (so were the prices).  Alister was like a little kid in a candy store.

He also managed to pick up an array of sausages for dinner tonight. . . just a few things.

After the smells of chicken on a rotisserie and samples of finely sliced meat our tummies started grumbling.  Our next stop was the Boulangerie in Surrey Hills.  We sampled delicious pies and pain au chocolate plus a few scrumptious tarts.  Just around the corner was this fascinating mural, a mixed medium of paint and moss on a brick wall.

Lunch gave us the energy to keep on going to our final destination Adriano Zumbo Patisserie in Balmain to select some extraordinarily colourful deserts.

We pretty much tried one of everything above.  My favourite was the middle dessert called grandma's soap, it was a blueberry tart with a marshmellowy coating and so much more in between, the Summer Sunday was just lovely and so was the passionfruit tart on the left that looks like an incredible sunset.   We split the desserts between the 7 of us, we had bought a few each to sample, and they didn't disappoint.  There were so many flavours to identify and savour. 

It has been quite the week for eating.  Not only was it Sam's birthday and we just had to eat a chocolate mud cake that I made for him. . . 

. . . but on top of that Joan and Alister have baked two cherry pie crumbles which we also had to sample this week.  I'm afraid I am looking like I'm 8 months pregnant. . . and no I'm not pregnant. . . so am going to have to do some serious walking next week after they leave to reduce the size of my jelly belly.

Clockwise from left:  My two favourites Grandma's soap, Yuranuse (pronounced you're a noose and looks like a little turtle) and Caramel (a cube of various caramel flavours and textures).



Carli said...

That sounds like a perfect foodies day out! YUM x

Kim said...

Pretty close to my ideal way to spend a day too.