Saturday, 3 October 2009


.....and After

And now.....After, after.....

Spot the difference??

Just wanted to add a bit of reality to the picture....and an update from when we finished the boys room here.


Kim said...

That made me laugh! (But it only makes me laugh when it happens to someone else - when it happens to me - all the time - it just makes me mad!)

Hellig Lykke said...

This is Norway calling.
I came upon your blog via Nienies`blog.
You have a beautiful blog, and I hope it`s ok for me to follow you.
I do my very best to write english and I appologice for any typing mistakes...

Debbie said...

that is so neat about the girl above from norway..this is how we met too :)
love to see that your kids rooms look like my kids :)