Saturday, 24 October 2009

Holidays with the Strawberry Queen

Life is good when I go back home to my mum's. It's our holiday by the seaside. Great big blue skies, wispy clouds, pelican's gliding by, riding the scooters with the boys, going for runs/walks down by the water, white caps on the bay as the wind picks up, a sailing boat capturing that wind....and mud flats. What fascination they hold, tiny crabs, shells, coral, slimy seaweed, puddles and sand to dig in. We always hate having to go home, usually because the sun is high and hot and it's time to protect our skin.

Not forgetting the luscious strawberries grown around the corner from my mum's in the rich red volcanic soil. I have never tasted such sweet, juicy strawberries...ever!! We brought these back home with us to Sydney, the last pick of the season.

It's no wonder I want to move back there...maybe next year.

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