Monday, 26 October 2009

Walking down Wellington Point

Now a holiday at Grandma's wouldn't be complete without a visit to Wellington Point. It was an exceptionally windy day which brought more dust from the west and knots in your hair. The tide was low and it was the right time for a walk out to the little island across the sand bar. More mangroves, mud flats and some pretty prickly pears in flower (say that 3 times fast). A play under the shade of the giant Moreton Bay Fig trees, sadly not much swimming though, the tide was waaaaaay low.


Caroline said...

I spent many days of my childhood playing under those same trees & walking out to the little Island. My friends and I use to imagine we were Enid Blyton's Famous Five. This was such a nice post for me to see as it has bought back so many fun memoirs.Thank you

Lisha said...

Anytime Caroline, anytime. I did the same but am probably doing it more now with the boys every time we go up to Qld. It's got some amazing new climbing equipment too!

Carli said...

I'm doing the same as you - sorting through hoiday memories into some kind of blogging order. Strawberries looked delicious Lisha!