Friday, 30 October 2009

Lollypops and Jellybeans what you get when you turn four.
Building a lego house for panda and friends with your mum.
A handful of jellybeans and a lollypop is what you get when you turn four.
Playing with the car racing track,
watching the cars go round and round.
Lots of jellybeans from the doctor,
and a lollypop from mum when you turn four.
Visiting with pre-school buddies,
playing pirates and jumping on the trampoline.
Being four can be lots of fun.
Battling swords with your brothers or
being mesmerized by Richard Scarry's books.
Munching on Jellybeans and Lollypops
make those four year old immunizations
seem like they never happened.
Oh what a brave little man you are Toby,
what a brave little man...and only four.

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