Saturday, 17 October 2009

"I like driving in my car...’s not quite a jaguar"’s better. Our new car finally redeemed itself after weeks of being out of action, the Naboo starship carried us safely to our destination. I drove the boys up to Queensland on my own again and boy did we fly (not necessarily going over the speed limit) it just went by so quickly. Cool weather, blue skies, jacaranda’s and silky oak's flowering all the way. Stopping at parks every two hours for a break, we discovered this licorice looking climbing equipment in Tamworth where the boys were nearly blown off the top of it the wind was so strong.

It took 13 hours to reach Laidley, our first stop for a night to catch up with Wayne and Joan, Donald's parents, before heading on to Ormiston to my mum's. The boys were on their most excellent behaviour, with dvd’s and ipods to keep them happy and occasional glimpses of spring lambs, calves and foals along the way to add a special touch to our spring holiday.

I really do like our car now, she's fantastic for those long distance journeys...just love her.

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