Friday, 4 December 2009

Little things

The first nasturtium with it's deep red velvet that beckons me to pick, smell and taste it for nectar.

How the bunny greets us every day with such enthusiasm and how his coat is slowly changing from longer winter fur to a short dark summer coat.

My tea towel which is stained with black spots that looks so bright and fresh hanging in the sunlight.

This patch of parsley that has been keeping a colony of caterpillars alive and fed since September and still lives.

My rose geranium has managed to grow nearly 5ft tall even after being hacked to pieces with a toy sword by one of Toby's friends. I wish you could smell it's gentle sweetness that is oh so calming at this time of year.

A little man's cheeks that are so warm and inviting to kiss, whose little eyebrows are lifted in a quzzical yet humoured way that reminds me of my dad (who has passed)......and me.


Kim said...

Love the new colour - I always find the black background hard to read but that's just because I'm getting old and my eyes are too!

Lisha said...

I liked my photo's against the black background...but it was time for a change and I like it light and bright now.