Thursday, 17 December 2009

Here we are again!!!

It's one of those times where, what you thought was going to happen and what you had planned....didn't eventuate.  We had plans of fitting a tow bar to our car in the hopes of taking our trailer up to Queensland for the holidays.  To load it up with bikes for the boys, the mini bike, Christmas presents and just general stuff that you need when you're spending Christmas away from home.

The car was booked in yesterday to have that tow bar fitted and to be serviced ready to go this morning.  The day before the garage phoned to say that the tow bar hadn't arrived and may not be in until Friday (even though they had ordered it nearly two weeks ago, suppliers fault).  We decided to dispense with the tow bar as I needed to be in Brisbane on Saturday for my friends wedding.

The car was serviced and ready to go.  It was packed up.  A lot of hard work went into refining the packing and fitting into the car.  Scooters fitted, presents hidden, suitcases and essentials all sorted.

With lunches and snacks all packed for the trip, portable dvd player set to go, ipods at the ready, we jumped into the car.  We said our prayers and our goodbyes to Donald, he is flying up next week, and started the car....and started the car.......and started the car.

It must be the battery!!  NRMA didn't think so when they tried to revive our Naboo Starship.  So it's back to the garage again by tow truck.  I swear this car has been towed more than the Millenium  (Horrendous) Falcon!!  So here we are!! Just waiting to see when our trip to Brisbane will start....It's obviously not our time to go to Brisbane today and that's how I'm looking at it all. 

Maybe I'll get the garage to fit the tow bar on while they're fixing car.....that is if it's come in yet!!

Update:  The car's been fixed and has been delivered to our doorstep with was a problem they caused when servicing it yesterday.  :+/   I think we're going to head off tomorrow, early in the cool of the day, it's another stinking hot day here today 41° C.  I also just want to check and see that the car will start up tomorrow after a nights rest.  I've seen this pattern before:'t't start....


Peety said...

I do feel for you - nothing is more frustrating than a good car that breaks down - you expect it with the bad ones but the good ones give a feeling of confidence that is dashed when it goes wrong - at least it happened while you were at home I suppose.

This is Kim by the way - blogger won't let me sign Peet out - weird.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're on your way really soon after this frustrating beginning!! Love Carlixx

Stacy said...

Not your lucky day that is for sure. hopefully the lovely car will start tomorrow and there will be no problems with the trip!