Sunday, 6 December 2009

Weekend bits and pieces

A visit with Sam and Ethan to Geranium Cottage for some scented geraniums. While Toby was at a Christmas party for his church Primary class, Sam, Ethan and I chose some geraniums to pot up with some herbs for their school teachers Christmas presents. Sam chose Peppermint geranium and Ethan chose Lemon geranium. I chose my favourite, a rose geranium for Toby's pre-school teachers. We just have to pot them all up now.

A little cooking for our church's Relief Society Christmas dinner. An Orange Poppy Seed Roast veggie salad with Brie cheese, an old favourite of mine, and another caramel mud cake. Recipe for the veggie salad pop over here.

It was a very uplifting evening shared by the women from my church, and the highlight was hearing Holy Night sung most beautifully by one of the sisters. I really feel the spirit of Christmas when I hear Holy Night sung. It lifts my soul, it takes me up with the angels, it melts my heart and it gives me goosebumps, especially when it's sung by a woman. Here is a lovely version of Holy Night to lift your spirits if they need a little lifting.

This morning was spent dabbling in a little more Christmas decorating.

If you're wondering what Donald is doing....he's air brushing our twig branches that will be displaying some of our decorations. We haven't a tree this year as we'll be up at my mum's for Christmas so we're making do with what we've got to hang a few decorations on.

This afternoon was spent being enlightened at church, it's been a lovely weekend. I hope yours was good too!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you dear Lisha for everything on Saturday night - your food was superb and your calming spirit was perfect for the evening. Thank you so much.

Carli xx

Debbie said...

that looks yummy, merry christmas