Thursday, 10 December 2009

Tis the season to be jolly

We have a wonderful playgroup down the road from where we live. It is held in a Baptist church and the leaders are volunteers. The playgroup runs 4 days in the week and there are volunteers for each day. It is very organised and well set out with library, toys and activities for the children and mums/grandma's/dads etc to particitpate in. It runs with love and the help of everyone. We love our playgroup leaders.

I have personally been going to this playgroup for 9 years. Sam started when he was 1 year old and when Ethan arrived he came along too. When Sam went to school and it was just Ethan and I, we still went. Then along came Toby here we still are.

Last week on our "slow down" day, I took all of my boys to playgroup. They were under strict instructions to be on their best behaviour and to be mindful of the little children around them. I was so proud of my beautiful boys. They were everything you want your children to be, helpful with Toby and other children, calm, quiet and they really enjoyed themselves. My feathers were fluffing that day.

Sam asked me if they could go to playgroup again sometime. He liked to play with one of Toby's little friends. I think he felt the freedom of being little again, plus he had an admirer who wanted to follow him around and who thought he was wonderful. I want my boys to feel that again. I'm glad we slowed down and took a day out for ourselves.

Today was the playgroup Christmas party. The children dress up for the Nativity and we go upstairs into the chapel to hear the story of the birth of Jesus. Toby was a Wise man (we always go as Wise men) in the same costume that all of my boys have worn to every playgroup Christmas party. Although Wise man Toby has a little difficulty with stage fright and his cheeks puff out, feels a little frozen sometimes, but he goes the distance and sits through the story and songs. The costume even stayed on for the most part, before it got a bit too hot.

I have one more year of playgroup before all of my boys are grown up school boys. I think I'll have to have another slow day next year sometime, give the boys one more chance at playgroup and a little freedom.  Or maybe three or four....

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