Thursday, 29 April 2010

A long weekend (part 4)

So after much food preparation, airport trips, having showers, getting things organized, taking photo's and loading up the cars with food and people we finally headed over to the chapel Saturday afternoon in preparation for Ethan's baptism.  In our church when you turn eight years old we believe that children have reached the age of accountability, where they can choose right from wrong for themselves and in order to become members of our church they need to be baptized (click on the link for more information).

Ethan has been very excited about turning eight.  He knows the importance of the age and the good choices he can make and felt very special with his family around him.

There was another baptism just before Ethan's, a girl from his church Primary class.  We joined forces for the supper after both baptisms.

Donald had the honor of baptizing Ethan, I gave a talk and Alister shared his testimony and a story about his baptism.  Lindsay and Joan covered the prayers and conducting while Stacy played the piano for us.

Ethan was just beautiful, happy, excited and listened most diligently to my talk with attentive eyes and ears.

I think both Ethan and Donald enjoyed the special moments that they had together in preparation before Ethan was baptized and in the change room after. 

The supper after was appreciated by all, lots and lots of food, we don't do things by half measures.  We are thankful to friends and family who came to be part of this special day.

What a beautiful day it was.  It's a wonderful feeling when family comes together, works together, plays together and has a spiritual experience together.  I am so grateful to be part of this family and receive the blessings that a family can offer.


Kim said...

Lovely - especially the photo of the four kids. Congratulations to Ethan - and you.

Lisha said...

Thanks, the cousins had a great time, short visit that it was.

sirpa said...

Congratulations, Ethan!