Friday, 16 July 2010

Fish and Chips at the beach

We discovered this morning that Dublin, Ireland was having the same temperatures as us, although we had the sunshine and they had the rain (sorry Gabby and Neil).  Our minimum temperature was about 10°C this morning and made it up to about 17°C.  Even though it was still chilly we went to the beach because the sun was shining so beautifully.

We rugged up warm, with board shorts underneath (the boys, not me) and Jan bought us some fish and chips for lunch.

It was lovely at the beach, a little breezy, but sunny, great for digging holes... 

...or chasing waves.

It was good to be out and smelling the fresh salt air and hear the crash of the waves.

A bit later the clouds started to come across and the breeze became a little cooler....

....but oh how lovely it was to get out of the house, after rain and sick children that have been cooped  (oops just noticed bad spelling) up for most of their holidays.  It's a shame the holidays are nearly over we could do with a few more days like this.


Carli said...

I feel like a dodgy mum now - my kids asked for the beach today and I said next holidays!! It wasn't half bad in the sun either, looks FUN!

Kim said...

Lovely way to spend the day - winter beaches are nice (in Australia at least). We used to get the same temps as Thomas in winter when he was on his mission.