Saturday, 10 July 2010

This boy..

(the one in yellow) absolutely


He was just spectacular today on the field.

Every week I hear the other soccer parents cheering Sam on along with their own child and telling me how great Sam played, it is wonderful to hear and I tell Sam so.  He is a strong support for his team (just don't make him play goalie or you'll find the dark side of Sam).

This week  I heard "Thank goodness for Sam!!"  and "Sam's having a blinder today!" and I totally agree!

He really did!  He was very determined to stop the other team.  He plays 'right back' on the field and today he covered a lot more ground than usual, a good 3/4's of the field.   He is not a glory hound but he certainly hounded the ball today and cut off so many possible goals from the other team. Sam even said to us after the match, "I think I stopped a goal going in today!!".  Little did he know what impact he had on the team and how many goals he did prevent going in.  Sam's coach casually handed over the man of the match certificate whilst saying "...and we all know who won man of the match today........congratulations Sam!"

He made us feel very special being his parents, a moment in time when you know your child has excelled.  Even when the team was down and there was no hope of catching as many goals as the other team, Sam did not give up he just kept on playing his very best to prevent any more goals going in.   He gave us all hope and light in the face of defeat.

And boy do we love him so.


Kim said...

So - it's not like I know anything at all about soccer - but he sure looks cute.

Donald said...

I just noticed myself in the fourth photo off in the distance... In my calm proud Dad pose.

Lisha said...

While I was on the other side of the field taking photo's and cheering like a crazy woman with tears in her eyes.