Friday, 23 July 2010

Seeing again

Yesterday I finally picked up my new reading glasses and I can see again.  I actually picked them up the day after I posted this, but they didn't seem to work for me.  Even though I tried all weekend to make them work, they just didn't seem to be doing the job they were supposed to  do and were making me cross eyed.  Little did I know that that the lens factory was given or had written the wrong prescription for my left eye, that was the optometrists story anyway.  At the same time I was also renewing my sunglasses prescription and they did the same thing with them.  So now two weeks later I have both glasses and they weren't cheap.

I did manage to pick up an armful of books though at the second hand bookstore for a bargain after my visit to the optometrists.    Six Calvin and Hobbs comic books and a Snoopy for around $20.  I think I am going to put them away and use them for rewards for the boys.  They can't wait to get their hands on them.

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