Thursday, 8 July 2010

My favourite things.....hurt!!

I have so many crochet projects on the go at the moment.  Another hat, a scarf and I'm still continuing on my babette blanket although this progress has slowed a little.  My eyes hurt.  I went to have my eyes tested last week, I felt it was time to as it might have been contributing to my achy head that I have had for a long time.  Little did I know it had been exactly two years since my last eye test and update of lenses for my glasses.  

My long distance vision is the same as two years ago, but my short distance vision has deteriorated, particularly in my right eye (it's the one that gives me the most trouble).  So I now need reading glasses.  Hopefully it will help the pain above my eyes to go away when I crochet, read and use the computer.  Sometimes it's hard to know what type of headache I have, I have lots of different ones, but the one above my eyebrows seems to be related to using the computer and crocheting.

This week has been a long wait.  My glasses have not come in yet and it's a wet, cosy, rainy day today.  After a few hours at the park in the rain and cold wind it's the kind of afternoon to stay in and crochet, but it hurts.  Both Sam and Ethan have been begging me to teach them to crochet, and so we do.  After a nap snuggled on the floor in the lounge with my boys around me, to rest my eyes, we have been working on crochet lessons. 

Now I'm blogging about it and it hurts.  Maybe tomorrow my glasses will be ready and I will be switching between my seeing glasses and my crochet glasses....and wandering round the house with them on my head saying "Has anyone seen my glasses?".


Caroline said...

Yeah I have their in your crotchet basket.LOL!! Now on a more serious note I really do hope your feeling better soon. Headaches are the pits.

Lisha said...

I am a bit of a basket case Caroline :+), but thanks for your good wishes.