Sunday, 26 September 2010

A busy week

The week leading up to the holidays is generally crazy in our household.  The boys sense the approaching holidays and excitement starts to radiate around them.  So much has been happening that we are all just a little wiped out this weekend.

Sam has spent most of this term working on a school project, a book.  A book that he had to create, write and illustrate from a topic they were given.  It was to be a book, any book, chapter,  children's,  factual or a travel guide on the topic of Antarctica.  Sam chose to write and illustrate a childrens comic book called "Super Penguin and the Attack of the Adélie Penguins".  He has written and illustrated everything himself, it is a funny story that begins when a father penguin loses his egg in nuclear waste, when the egg finally hatches out pops Super Penguin!!

Both Sam and Ethan have been practicing for their school concert all term.  Ethan's class were singing and dancing to "Let's twist again" in their beach gear.  

Fantastic dancing by the year 3's I must say, especially by the one in the middle there, in the yellow shirt and red shorts.

Sam was part of a joint year 4-6 production of the musical "Low Cholesterol Grease" a child friendly rendition of the movie "Grease" and it's songs.  There was lots of singing, dancing and wonderful acting by the students.  Boy did these kids look fantastic, I must say one in particular was rather cool and handsome in his greaser costume with hair slicked back and a bit of attitude.  

His part was to fall in love with the new improved Sandy.  That's Sam below being dragged away from Sandy by his class mates while she sings "You're the one that I want".

Last week after rehearsals Sam received an award at the school assembly for great acting in the school musical.

Not only did Ethan have to practice for the school concert, which had three performances I might add, one Wednesday evening and a matinee and evening performance on Thursday, but he had to rehearse some lines for another play on Friday.  Ethan's class were hosting the last assembly of term and so chose to perform their own fantastic version of "The Enormous Crocodile" by Roald Dahl.  

Props were made, masks created and lines rehearsed in class.  Ethan was the enormous crocodile for the first half.  He did an exceptional job, remembered all of his lines and made us laugh.  In fact the whole play was a great laugh, the kids were very talented at pulling off the comedy.  Well done Mr Squires!!

He even received an award for a fantastic portrayal of the enormous crocodile.

This last week has been especially full of highs and lows, mind boggling information to process, doctors visits and a touch of sadness amongst the many joys.  After the concerts, birthday celebrations and the annual soccer dinner last night it is nice to know the holidays are here at last and we can relax a little.  No more packing school lunches and sending kids off to school for two weeks.  Yay!!

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