Saturday, 4 September 2010

...on a rainy Saturday..

This morning I woke up hungry.  I spent a couple of hours serving hamburgers at the school Fathers Day dinner last night.  I managed to eat half of Toby's leftover hamburger for dinner so I went to bed feeling a little hungry.  I get a little tired of the usual breakfast cereal or toast, so I made hash browns instead.  They were good and hit the spot.  

This morning I also woke up hearing the pitter patter of rain outside.  I've actually been enjoying the lovely spring rain we've had, the weather feels really Autumny, very cosy weather.  Sadly the rain came on the wrong day for the boys soccer picnic and trophy presentation day.  It was cancelled this morning.  

It is one of the highlights of the soccer season, a fun day for the family, free sausages, ice blocks and chips for the kids, a jumping castle and of course the trophy presentation.  

They even had a back up plan in motion should it be a rainy day, they were going to use our new school hall.  Again, sadly, they decided to go ahead with the picnic at the soccer ground rain or shine and it was too wet to have it.  

So as not to disappoint our boys and Toby's team, that Donald and I coach and manage, we decided to have our own little presentation and party on our front porch.  Donald went down to the soccer club and picked up the trophies plus some chips, drinks and ice blocks and I cleaned the front porch.  The boys were excited as Donald officially shook their hands and presented their trophies, while the parents and siblings applauded.

Now it is still raining and my boys are playing balloon tennis in the lounge (literally going nuts with cabin fever) and Toby is the the tennis net...

...while I sit peacefully on my lovely clean front porch blocking out any noise, arguments or tears that may happen,  I am in my happy place.

....think happy thoughts.....think happy thoughts.....

There is no noise just the pitter patter of rain....deep breath....sighhhhh.

Hash Brown recipe found on "What's for dinner Mum?".

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