Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Something beautiful

I was outside in our garage one morning when Toby came running down the driveway from the front of the house.  He was calling "Lisha, Lisha come quick.....something beautiful is happening!".  I followed with Toby pulling my arm still telling me to come quick.  Toby brought me to the front of our house and he presented me with this view where our Azalea's were flourishing.

Toby is so delicious.  He brings me flowers he sees and feels such joy in presenting me with them because he knows how much I love flowers.  Toby tells me that girls love flowers and it makes them feel special when you give them flowers and asks "You feel special when I give you flowers don't you?".  He then he adds "You're beautiful Lisha, I love you".  This I hear nearly every day.  When I asked Toby if boys liked flowers and would you feel special if I gave you flowers, he replied "I like flowers, but girls like flowers more so I will give you flowers because you like them" and "You're beautiful Lisha, I love you!".

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Kim said...

Something beautiful is definitely happening with Toby!