Monday, 13 September 2010

EarthWalker jedi training academy

A long time ago, In a galaxy far far away Don Solo was taken captive by the Clone troopers and was forced to entertain train the young padawan learners at the EarthWalker jedi training academy.  

These soon to be jedi apprentices, on arrival at the academy, were escorted by the Clone troopers down the back of the EarthWalker space station.  It was there, with the help of Don Solo, they learned the craft of the Jedi.  Mastering the force, the young Jedi were not allowed to use their hands...

....but needed mind control over the cheezels!

Many young jedi had trouble mastering this task!!

With inspirational music in the background (Star Wars theme) and the use of the force they had to 'force push' the parcel around in a circle, where it stopped the paper had to be carefully peeled off.  

Another game lesson in speed and agility (formerly known as duck, duck, goose) and renamed Vader, Vader, Luke was taught.

Jedi jellys were eaten, amongst other EarthWalker space station food, to keep up energy levels as the training was gruelling.

The final task for the leading Jedi Apprentice, known as Tobyone Kanobi, was to 'force push' out flames..... defeat Jengo Fett!!

A task which he handled beautifully.

Of course Don Solo, guardian and trainer of the young padawans became trusted by the clone troopers and was released a free man.

There was much celebration and some continued training by those enthusiastic jedi apprentices.

With their training completed...

...the young jedi apprentices, upon graduation, received tokens of their time at the EarthWalker Jedi training academy.

And Princess Lisha thanked the clones for releasing her love, Don Solo....and everyone lived happily ever after.

The End


Mari said...

Looked like a great party!!!!!
Well done on the cake, again. Another masterpiece! You guys should go into business :)

Lisha said...

It's all for love Mari, I don't know if I would want to do that every weekend.

Kim said...

Donald looks completely authentic - great party. Lucky Toby - happy birthday you lovely boy.

Lisha said...

Kim, Donald felt a little cheesy getting dressed up until Toby said he 'really' looked like Han Solo.... then there was no looking back as Don Solo stepped in.