Monday, 25 October 2010

Baking, spring cleaning, rain and a little meditation

Our weekend was another busy one, but we seemed to accomplish a few things.  Donald is working long, long days at the moment, going in to work at Animal Logic doing commercial story boards and then coming home and working till very late on other story boards.  It has been a very long month.  We had the sister missionaries over for dinner on Friday night, we had taco's and chocolate cake (recipe here).  The cake looked sumptuous with whipped cream in the middle and ganache on the top, but was a little too dry, I forgot that it was in the a little side tracked in my day.

We cleaned our carpets on Saturday, or at least Donald did.  The day was hot, good for drying shampooed carpets.

While Donald shampooed, I vacuumed and picked everything up off the floor...there was a lot of stuff.  The boys were assigned various tasks and getting things up off the floor too.

After the carpets were cleaned, there was the job of trying to find a home for all of the things picked up off the floor.  I am still trying to do more today and sort mountains of laundry, but my computer keeps beckoning me.

While the carpets were still wet, the boys found perches that were dry.

Then the storm came, the beautiful rain that just bucketed down while the thunder rumbled.

Sunday night we played a favourite game,  "Who can lie still the longest", the boys love it and want to play it often.  You see we are training Toby to lie still, practicing for his MRI scan in December.  I take the boys through a little meditation, relaxation and deep breathing to help them lie still and we play some relaxation music/sounds.  Last night I tried to introduce an MRI sound effect, a bit like a jack hammer and whirring that I found here, but they just burst into giggles, so we started again.  We'll have to try it again next time, at least it's helping Toby get used to it all, otherwise he would have to have his scan under a general anaesthetic, which we are trying to avoid.  So far they have been lying still for 13 minutes, with only a little twitch here and there.  It is very calming and they really love it.


sharon watson said...

What a wonderful blog!

Lisha said...

Thank you Sharon for stopping by.