Thursday, 14 October 2010

Stop to smell the roses

It's playgroup day today.   It is such a beautiful day that Toby and I decided to walk (and scoot) to playgroup.  I brought along my camera as the sun was shining, a lovely breeze was blowing and the gardens were blooming everywhere.  It took us a little longer to get there as we had to stop and smell the roses as well as take their photo.

There were lots of roses on show along the way, which meant lots of smelling.

Everyone's gardens were very green and lush from the recent rain we've had.  Not as much rain as Queensland is getting at the moment but enough to keep the gardens and weeds well fed (in our lawn anyway).

The Bottlebrushes were pretty much lining the footpath all the way to playgroup.  They are quite spectacular when you stop and admire their bottle brushiness with the bees buzzing in and out of their dense spiky flowers.

The smell of cut lawn was also very refreshing

Our walk to playgroup was most enjoyable we even broke a sweat as the day warmed up a little more.

It is our final term of playgroup for ever!!  I'm not sure how I feel about it, in a way it's a little sad as I have been going to playgroup for 10 years.  Sam and I started going when he was 1 year old and have been continuing ever since with Ethan and Toby. 

It is the end of an era, but I am also glad that we are at this stage of not needing playgroup any more.  Toby is now 5 and will be starting school next year so it is time to move on.  Playgroup has been good for us and is a wonderful service provided by the local Baptist church and the playgroup volunteers.

After playgroup was over we went our merry way back home.  It was a little warmer going home and the slope was slightly more up hill for scooting.  So little stops along the way in shady spots provided by leafy trees gave us a little respite.  This tree or vine root growing into the brick wall was fascinating.  I have walked and driven past it many times and I love how nature always finds a way of growing even if there was a brick wall put in it's path.

My eyes were drawn to the chimney tops and roofs outlined by the cerulean sky with clouds extra white and fluffy. 

Stained glass windows, chimney pots, ornate gates, roses and leafy trees line the streets of our neighbourhood.  It is a lovely part of Sydney, very pretty.

The roses did smell as good as they looked with buds in abundance ready to burst forth.  Mmmmm I love Spring, I wish the seasons would just go back and forth between Spring and Autumn there would be colour all year round and the weather would be just perfect.

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Kim said...

That sounds like a pretty near to perfect way to spend a day.