Thursday, 28 October 2010


A little continuation along the theme of yesterdays post - Afternoon happiness - I would like to conclude that Thursday has become my favourite day of the week.  Why? You may ask, (or not) but I'm going to tell you anyway.  

It is a slower paced day.  I've even waved the boys off to school still wearing my pajamas.  It's playgroup day.  It's a slow down and regather my energy for the weekend kind of day.  I get to share it with Toby.  We get to go for walks or wander the local shops, not to run errands but to enjoy and to explore the neighbourhood.

Today was all of the above.  We were a little slow to start and didn't get out the door until 10.30am so we drove to playgroup, it's also a bit of a cool and drizzly day and I just refused to be in a hurry to get dressed and get out the door.  We did playgroup, countdown only 6 weeks until our last one, and then we went to a sweet shop.  Not your everyday lolly shop but the deluxe, delectable Sweetness the Patisserie.  

They have samples you can try, our favourites are the sweet mixed mini mallows and the vanilla fudge, but today I couldn't go past the vanilla caramel (they had samples out) and it is so smooth.  

The Sweetness kitchen is so immaculate, I think I would like to work there....maybe even live there.  They already had a work bench full of gingerbread houses ready to wrap, if only I took my camera.  Toby and I enjoyed their samples, took our purchases and moved on to visit a lovely friend working nearby.  We enjoyed lunch at a cafe and afterwards Toby and I had a wander through St Vincent de Pauls Op shop to see if we could find any second hand treasures. 

I found this lovely linen table cloth with embroidered flowers and it was in such good condition that I didn't mind paying $30 for it.  It fits so perfectly on our dining room table and matches my orange roses most beautifully, they remind me of little nasturtiums.  This table cloth has given me visions of tea parties with lovely cakes and cookies and pots of my favourite camomile and spearmint tea.  Sounds rather jolly doesn't it.  I don't think we'll be eating spaghetti and meatballs off this table cloth though. 

I think Thursday has become quite the day to be happy.

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Carli said...

beauty and sweetness in the home xxx