Sunday, 10 October 2010

Conference by armchair

This weekend is General Conference for our church.  Twice a year we go to our Stake Centre (where many wards in a certain area meet together) to view the conference satellite broadcasts.  These talks by our church leaders were filmed in Utah last weekend.  Today we viewed and listened via the internet in our lounge room. 

I once dreamed what it would be like to sit in our lounge room and watch General Conference on tv.  When we were in Canada 11 years ago people could watch it live on their tv's with cable access and I thought how amazing technology was back then.  What also had me wondering back then was the question:  Did people get dressed in their church clothes in their lounge rooms to listen to our Church's Prophet?  I have read on many other blogs of church members and just today reading Stacy's post about watching it in their pj's, it makes me laugh.  No we didn't wear our pj's.

Today we attempted to view the Sunday session via the internet, we made it through to the third talk before the computer started glitching and we had to listen to each talk individually from the internet.  The boys were quiet, Sam crocheting beside me, Toby on the floor colouring in, Ethan drawing on the lounge and Donald getting up and down to adjust the computers glitchiness.  It was peaceful and I felt the spirit in our home.  The boys especially listened to the story that President Monson told in his talk about "The Divine Gift of Gratitude".  I am grateful for technology to listen to our church leaders and grateful to have the spirit in our home.

If you wish to view or listen to a little inspiration and some words of wisdom from our church leaders just click here to choose.

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