Saturday, 27 November 2010

Here I sit... my outdoor room of contemplation, my peace and quiet, my front porch.  Another busy week leading into another busy week, my heart keeps racing and thinking what is next on my list.  I sit and think, have a quiet moment to myself and enjoy the warm breeze and view my beautiful Cape Chestnut that is flowering it's bunches of pink and makes me so happy.

I had a wander around the garden after hanging the clothes on the line and admired what the purple Jacaranda had dropped on the ground, little purple fairy dresses along with matching purple fairy hats of the Duranta.

I also took the opportunity to spy on our resident ringtail possum sleeping in it's nest outside the boys bedroom window with it's tail hanging in the breeze.   He (or she) benefits quite regularly from our old fruit leftovers.

As I sit out the front after my wander I hear the neighbours doing their Saturday morning things, a garage sale down the road where cars are pulling up and people exiting with their bargins.  We didn't find anything worth purchasing, a shame, which lead Donald and I to go on a further search of more garage sales in our local area.  I found a few bargains.  My favourite being some silver goblets at 50c each, which I thought might be safer to use instead of our class and crystal wear for special occasions, the boys can clink till their hearts content.

At another stop I found a bit of reading matter, at $2 each, that might help me relax over the upcoming holidays.  I was very excited and overjoyed at my purchases.

This busy week involved a birthday party for Sam, a few friends over after school, this time a malteser, raspberry ice cream cake with chocolate chip cookie base.  Lots of yummy food and fun with Sam's friends, I must admit they are a fun bunch of boys and tend to make a lot of noise together.

We had a quick visit to the egg farm, it's been a really long time since I went, and a visit to another plant nursery searching for Christmas presents.  We picked up quite a lovely mix of herbs and flowers.

So after this busy week and my busy post I must depart from where I sit in my outdoor room, my front porch.  My neighbour is renovating his boat and the fumes are chasing me away (as well as making me light headed) and my stomach is grumbling for some nourishment, so away I must.


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Neil and Gabby said...

I don't have an outdoor room but my desk sits at our bay window facing south and this morning all I see is white !!