Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Cooling off

It may have been Australia Day but it was a cleaning day for us.  The day was just sooo hot (and still is) that I figured I needed to do something with water.  So I decided to clean the walls and ceiling of the front porch, it had quite a build up of dust, mold and spider webs and was badly in need of a wash.  I was firstly joined by Ethan who was also attracted by the coolness of the water, wanting to be my hose holder while I scrubbed with the broom.  We were shortly followed by Toby who had been cooling off in the bath all morning, one of the best spots to be on a stinking hot day like this.  I think everybody was excited to play with my new water gun attachment for the hose.  After the first layer of dirt was cleaned off Donald joined us and proceeded to do a better job at cleaning than I did and finished off the whole front of the house, I love it when he takes over.  By the afternoon our walls were sparkling clean, we were all soaking wet and I'd even given my front porch lounge chair a good clean too.  Oh how I love my clean walls now, they look like they've had a fresh coat of paint.  It was definitely a productive day and we kept lovely and cool.

We finished off our hot day in the air conditioning and had Salmon salad with home made potato wedges and we munched on Donald's "Australia Day" cupcakes, coloured in green and gold, while watching "The Empire Strikes Back".

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Kim said...

Salmon Salad looks great - and there seems to be on end to the number of times kids and husbands can watch The Empire Strikes Back - Your breeakfast looked great - what an impressive food day.
Glad to see more of your days again.