Saturday, 22 January 2011

I'm back

The sky is so blue, the clouds are wispy and the Crepe Myrtles are flowering, so are the Dahlia's.  A walk with my eldest, breakfast on the front porch with my second and a spot of blogging.  

The urge to take photo's and blog has been passing me by this Summer.  With my diagnosis of depression just before Christmas last year (which is being managed), constantly watching the flood news in Queensland, the heat and humidity have found me not very enthusiastic about anything this Summer.  I want to hibernate in the cool, sleep through the heat and read.  I've done lots of reading, reading to escape.

Mind you this isn't a call for sympathy, it's more of a reality check for me and a reminder that there is good in the Summer as well as the not so good.  Like these incredible Dahlia's, they are such strong and colourful flowers that remind me of Canada.

I love the different levels of green and light in this Ash tree, it brings me hope that Autumn is just around the corner and will bring forth some amazing colours.

So right now I want to share the good I have found and the best way I know how is with the photo's I took of my neighbourhood that have brought me much joy this morning.  Enjoy!!


Suzi said...

take care.xxxxxx

Carli said...

keep sharing your summer pics and keep eating summery fruits...there is so much to enjoy this time of year x

Felicity said...

Lisha your photos do certainly share the good that is summer! And yes I imagine you will be in photo taking heaven when Autumn colours start to adorn our streets!!


Lisha said...

Thanks girls!