Friday, 28 January 2011

O dear!!

I have a confession to make.  It began a long time ago, most likely on our holidays as children up at Hervey Bay at my Grandparents.  We spent a lot of our school holidays staying with Midgie Grandma and Pa (named after their cat Midgie).  I remember Gabby and I had to keep quiet in the mornings when we woke up, until my Grandpa woke up to make their first morning cup of tea and take it back to bed.  They woke up around 8am so it was a long wait for us to keep quiet, but we did it because we knew that we would get a biscuit (even before breakfast).  We always waited around quietly until we got a biscuit.  My Grandparents usually had a wheatmeal biscuit with vegemite on it with their first morning cup of tea, but we always begged for the Arnotts cream biscuits, my favourite was the orange cream and I think Gabby's was the shortbread cream, my next favourite.

When finally everyone was out of bed we would have our breakfast.  Now this is where my confession comes into play and no it wasn't my love for orange cream biscuits, I haven't even had one for a really long time, years in fact.  No my confession today comes from my favourite choice of cereal from the Kellogs Variety Pack.  My absolute favourite cereal was Coco Pop's.  I think we all know that there was only ever one packet of Coco Pop's in the variety pack and between two girls I think there was always a bit of a fight over who got the Coco Pop's.  The other cereals just weren't as good or as crunchy.  So here is where my love of Coco Pop's began and it was a world of joy if we ever bought a large box of it.  I think I remember just eating bowls full without milk so they didn't go soggy. I hadn't had them for a long time though until my mum started buying the variety pack for the boys when ever we went to stay with her.  I continued to eat my own reasonably healthy cereal that is until I stole a taste of Coco Pop's from one of my boys bowls.  Ah the memories came flooding back of that crunchy chocolate milkshake goodness.  I was hooked again, although I refused to buy a box of them.  Until one day these holidays my mum, yes my mum, talked me into trying Coco Pop O's for a treat.   She wanted to get the variety pack but that just bought up memories of fights over who got the Coco Pop's.  So I went for a whole box (it was only a little box).  The rule was that they had to have healthy cereal with just a sprinkling of the treat cereal on top.

Again I stole a taste from one of my boys bowls and oh my goodness they were even better than the original Coco Pop's.  These ones stayed crunchy longer and you didn't have to eat them up in a hurry before they got soggy.  I'm afraid Coco Pop's don't cut it any more for my favourite naughty cereal.    My new favourite cereal is the Coco Pops O's. 

I have been sprinkling more than a handful on my cereal every day and sometimes I even have a whole bowl full as a snack.  Sadly the holidays are nearly over and I have bought my last packet of O's, even though I am addicted to them and they crunch so beautifully with their sweet chocolatey goodness I know it's time to stop.  So farewell Coco Pop O's I shall miss you so.

Here endeth my confession.


Suzi said...

You do know that coco pops aren't a terrible cereal. It's nutri-grain and fruit loops that are the badies.
so eat away!

Lisha said...

Don't tell me that Suzi, I'm might just go out and buy some more :+)