Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My fruit bowls are full

As much as I'd like to fill my bowls with my own home grown produce, my garden is rather overgrown with trees and shrubs and not much room for veggies.  We do have a strawberry patch out the back that presents us with a strawberry here and there, that is if the possums or bugs didn't get there first, and of course I do have some herbs dotted around the garden.

My latest enjoyment is driving out to Galston where it's more rural, spacious, orchards and fruit and veggie stalls abound.  We have had the best nectarines and peaches both white and yellow as well as the most delicious strawberries comparable to the Strawberry Queens selections from the farms in Ormiston, Qld.

Donald has been making dessert for us with fresh strawberry sauce (literally squished up strawberries) and ice cream.   He's also done a squished white nectarine dessert with ice cream too!   As much as I feel it's sacrilegious to mash up a perfectly good strawberry or nectarine, unless it's been bruised, it's absolutely delicious!!  I love the Summer fruits and fresh tomatoes, capsicums and zuchinis at the fruit stalls.  One day given a bit more space I will grow my own produce, my dream is still alive, but in the meantime I enjoy a drive out to the fruit and veggie stalls.


Neil and Gabby said...

I've just broken up my balcony garden - never had much luck with tomatoes but my strawberries were very nice. Oh well, they are going to a new home where I know they'll be appreciated, with my lovely Old English rose and a few herbs.

Naomi said...

so great to find your blog and to find another lds blogger :) Naomi x

Felicity said...

your strawberries look divine!!! We have been trying to grow them in our garden but they're not thriving....I want to move back to redland bay just for the delicious berries too!!!