Thursday, 3 February 2011

Interesting times

As I woke up this morning and as the sun was rising the sky had a molten gold level of cloud spreading across it.  The weather is still very hot and dry here in Sydney and the cyclone is still raging in far north Queensland. 

I am sitting here watching the news to see how people are faring as they are hunkered down in their homes and evacuation centres.  The cyclone has passed inland and coastal areas are still being bombarded with strong winds and rain and the people are still anxiously waiting for the sun to rise before they can assess the damage to their homes and towns they live in.

Queensland and in fact the whole of Australia has been battered by weather.  They are interesting and exciting times.  I love unusual weather, the strength and power of a cyclone is truly amazing, unfortunately the devastation it causes is heartbreaking.  Farms, crops and livestock being ravaged by the strong winds.  Families and friends jammed into small rooms with their pets for a good 18 hours just waiting and listening to the enormous storm raging overhead. How scary that would be!  I can't even imagine, trying to keep children and pets calm whilst confined in the smallest room in the house.  Not being able to sleep, just waiting.  My heart and prayers have been going out to the people of Queensland.

So many houses have been ripped up from their foundations.  I have been praying that everyone has the courage to keep their families safe and be able to do what they need to do.  I have been praying for miracles.  I'm sure as the cyclone winds die down and the people pick up the pieces, stories will be told.  We will see the amazing strength and bravery that people have displayed during this terrifying time.  I'm sure we will see those little miracles that provide glimmers of hope and strength to many who have nothing but their lives to be thankful for.  Pray for them, pray for each other in these interesting times.

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