Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A new school year

First day back at school Monday started out like this...

and became this...

Yes!!  The boys first day back at school was also their swimming carnival.  It was the beginning of the heatwave here in Sydney too, a great day to be by the pool.  Ethan braved the 50m freestyle for the first time and made it to the end to score a point for his house.

Sam swam the 50m freestyle....

...and the 50m breaststroke too!

In between races and cheering the boys on, Toby and I paddled in the little pool to keep cool as the temperature gauge rose above 35°C.

So with the swimming carnival done Sam and Ethan started school today, still not sure who their teachers are but will hopefully find out tomorrow.  I think the children all had to stay indoors today as it was another scorcher, but this time the temperature rose to 41°C. 

As for Toby his first official start for Kindy is on Monday next week.  He goes to school tomorrow morning for the new "Kindy best start assessment" a 45 minute interview to see what level of learning your child is at.  So I still have this week to enjoy some time before my littlest man begins school.  Oh what a sad day that will be.

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