Monday, 7 February 2011

Whisked away

It was Toby's first day at school today.  He was excited, he was happy, he was..............very slow to get ready!!

Of course we still had time to take some photo's, lovely ones and some silly ones.

We all walked down to school this morning, we had assumed that Toby would go straight into the class room.  However the Kindy children were all whisked away from their parents and shuffled into the school hall.  It was a brief goodbye at the door so nobody had time to think about being sad.

Believe it or not there were no tears from me.  We had a pretty relaxed morning, no major anxieties, apart from Toby taking ages to get dressed, so I didn't even have time to feel sad.  I even went to the Kindy parents morning tea after school drop off.  I had never been to a Kindy parents morning tea before.

When Sam and Ethan started Kindergarten I was a blubbering mess and didn't want to face anyone.after we dropped them off.  I can remember when Sam started Kindy seven years ago.  His year six buddy took him up to the class room, I was being brave and holding back the tears but then Ethan burst into tears and was heartbroken, which of course then set me off.  I was also pregnant with Toby at the time so I was a little emotional.

Anyway not a tear was shed today, I must be ready for this next step in life.

Toby was very happy with his day and can't wait for more.


Carli said...

whisked away but for a day,
in your heart always to stay.

(maya asked toby if she could marry him on sunday, he wasn't that impressed - "and then we can have heaps of cats and kittens together!!")

Lisha said...

That is gorgeous Carli!! The poem and the proposal. Toby loves cats!

Mitch Squires said...

Congratulations to Toby on his first day at school! He's lucky to have such caring big brothers to look after him, too.

Congratulations to you too, Lisha, I'm amazed there were no tears.

Kim said...

First day school uniforms - wonderful. (But wouldn't longer holidays be nice!)