Friday, 11 February 2011

The Leaf

The Leaf

by Lisha

I found a leaf this morning
I saw it, full of love
I found a leaf this morning
It fell from high above
Isn't it too soon
To see a leaf of such colour
For it to be falling, too early
Yesterday I saw another

I found a leaf this morning
It brings to mind Summers end
I found a leaf this morning
Autumn's just around the bend
Oh the colours just amaze
Such rejoicing in my head
The warmth of gradiation
From pea green to rusty red

I found a leaf this morning
On my table it lays
I found a leaf this morning
Such love for Autumn days
The promise of coolness
Leaves fluttering from the trees
Enraptured by the colours
It's not too soon for me


Leaf Mulcher said...

Stunning photo! I love the poem too since it's all about loving mother nature and enjoying things around us. Thank you for sharing!

Out Back said...

Lovely poem Lisha.

Autumn is starting to appear here too. My all time favourite time of the year...


Lisha said...

Thanks Tania, It is the season I dream of all year round.

Carli said...

I thought the same thing when I saw some red leaves on our front tree - Lisha's special time of year is almost here!

Felicity said...

Lovely words Lisha! Your leaf captures so perfectly the beauty that is Autumn!