Saturday, 5 February 2011

Good things this week

Air conditioning!!  It has been the hottest week I can remember, hot dry days leading to hot humid days all with temperatures around 35-42°C.  I am so glad we have air conditioning, even if it is only in the lounge, I have been relying on it all week to keep me sane.

Both Sam and Ethan winning their indoor soccer semi finals and going into the grand final next week.  They both played amazing games with their teams.

The pretty Oregano flowers that keep coming even though the garden is so dry.

Having my friend Kath come help me at my cleaning job, it was hot sweaty work, but it took half the time to do it, she was great company and we had a swim after, which is why Toby wanted to come along.

Catching up with my lovely friend Laura and being able to talk about photography and cameras.

Watering the garden of an evening and discovering the Hoya is still flowering.

Finding out who all three of my boys have as a teacher for this year and feeling happy about them all.

Being able to have Toby home this week for our last hang out together before he starts school on Monday and him learning to swim without the noodle.

Swimming pools and friends who invite us over for a swim, seeing as we don't have a pool, it is so refreshing.

Fans and wet sarongs have been helping us sleep through the night.  Every night I dampen a sarong and throw it over the boys in the bed, with the fan blowing on them they keep cool and it helps them to get to sleep on these stinking hot nights.

Catching a photo of one of the illusive dragonflies buzzing around our back yard, not necessarily a great photo but a photo nonetheless, and then capturing a close up one at our friends pool.

Finding out that miracles happened when Tropical Cyclone Yasi hit North Queensland.  Even though crops were ruined, animals lost and houses and businesses were ravaged and razed to the ground, it is a miracle that people heeded the warnings and that they were all safe and unharmed all except for one or two people.  It truly is a miracle.

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