Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Clover, Sun and Sandwiches

I was up early this morning and out the door by 7.15am.  I was off for another blood test, this time a fasting one, so no brekkie until I came home.  I've been having all sorts of things going on with my body, most of which were headaches and high blood pressure amongst other things.  I'm suspecting the very early stages of menopause.  Aaaarrgh!!  But I guess the blood test will tell (I'm hoping it will tell something otherwise I must be going crazy!).  While I was away Donald got the boys ready for school and made lunches.  He even made me one with a little note attached.

So after getting the boys off to school and taking Amelia for a walk I was contemplating what I was going to do today.  The nurse at the blood draining place, (can't think of the name . . . Douglas, Hanly & Moir Pathology. . . . just looked it up) the nurse told me not to use my arm at all today especially seeing as they took 5 vials of my blood, it was my right arm too!  Which meant no vacuuming, mopping, cleaning etc.  What a Bummer!!!  I really did actually plan to vacuum today as Amelia is starting to lose her Winter coat.  So . . . what to do!!  Donald's little note helped me to decide to go to a park with Amelia.

The sun was shining, the bees were humming and all was peaceful and quiet.  I took a picnic blanket, my packed lunch, my camera, a magazine and a book and sat back while Amelia ran with the other dogs. 

Fortunately it's a fully fenced dog park, one of the quiet ones so there are not so many dogs.  Amelia made some new friends and ran herself ragged.  

While I relaxed on the blanket in the warm sun watching the birds, the bees and tiny clouds float by.

Thank you my dear husband for helping me out today



Caroline said...

Reading Donald's note made me all warm & fuzzy. What a honey!!
You truly do have 4 beautiful boys.

Ha ha I'm so glad the doggie is a girl though kinda evens things up a bit don't you think??

Felicity said...

Wasn't today the perfect day!! It was so lovely I even went outside and did some gardening :) Not something I do that often!!

And how sweet of Donald to leave you lunch and a 'love' note!! Just lovely!!!

I hope everything gets sorted out for you soon and you get some answers!!


Deso said...

Now that is a DEFINITE to put on your tick list. Give Donald a hug of thanks from me for such a kind and thoughtful gesture. x

Kim said...

He was raised right that Donald!