Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Fathers Day

I know I'm a little slow in posting about Father's Day, but better late than never.  Donald came home on Friday afternoon from work to say that he'd agreed to go into work on the weekend.  As we had a few things on on Saturday he'd decided that Sunday would be the day to go into work.  He kind of forgot that there was something special happening on Sunday, so we adjusted our days to make Saturday night our Fathers Day dinner. 

The boys and I set the table outside and I organised a green salad, potato salad and marinated the capsicum and zucchini and lovely round steaks I had bought while Donald tended to the BBQ.  It was a lovely afternoon/evening, our first Spring BBQ.

After dinner we lit some sparklers and attempted to write DAD.  I'm afraid we ran out of sparkle.

So we finished with some cheesecake for desert.

Donald did get a special cooked Fathers Day breakfast and some presents the boys made at school before we sent him off to work Sunday morning.


Kim said...

That dinner looks good - thank goodness for the return of BBQ weather hey!

Kim said...

Also - are you breathing better now - and any luck on everything else? (Sure hope so - at last.)

Love Kim