Friday, 23 September 2011

Vernal (Spring) Equinox

I'm not sure what this day has in store for me but I am so grateful to be able to share my birthday with the Spring Equinox yet again.  I love Spring almost as much as I love Autumn and I love my garden for providing wonderful Spring discoveries.

I have been finding some lovely little surprises in the garden once again.  My tiny little orchid, that flowers only once every two or more years, has bestowed upon me it's delicate purple blooms this year.  I had moved it onto the branches of the Tecoma Stans tree in our back yard several months ago as it's original place was falling apart.  The tree seems to provide a wonderful surface for the orchid roots to grab hold of as well as provide a semi shaded spot to grow on.  In fact I have about five orchids that have latched onto the branches of the tree and all seem to be thriving quite well there.  It is the same tree that the Hoya grows on too!

Each tiny orchid flower is no bigger than the tip of my finger. Yet each flower has such intricate beauty that can flourish under the right conditions, in this case the very rough barked, shady Tecoma Stans tree.

There is only one offshoot with four petite flowers drooping down.  It was a little awkward trying to take photo's of it, but I managed alright.

Also popping up in my garden right underneath my Lavender bushes (that received a severe hair cut this winter) are some strikingly pretty pink flowers.  I think the only reason they've popped up is because of the Lavender's short hair cut letting in the light and the fact I've been watering them in the hope they'll flower this Spring.  

Now it took me a fair bit of googling to figure out whether it was a Gladioli or a Watsonia.  The flower limbs have the appearance of a Gladioli plant but the actual flowers are similar to a Watsonia.   My sources tell me that it is a Gladiolus Carneus blandus.  They are quite different from your standard Gladiolus flower and funnily enough there are usually a couple of them popping up in the same area in the garden during Spring, but I've never seen these ones before.  There are about six of them flowering at the moment.

I find it amazing that we've lived in this home for six years and I'm still being surprised by new bulbs and flowers appearing in the garden.  I guess it goes to show that every year is different and every plant is different and they need the right nurturing environment to grow and flower.  If the right nurturing environment doesn't happen at the right time the flowers won't blossom.  Similar to the Dandelion and Orchid theory.  Our garden is certainly a haven for Dandelions. 

It's a bit like us humans really.  We are all a little bit different in how we cope with the world.  Some people can thrive under harsh or not so ideal conditions,  they can soldier on and prosper in their lives deflecting the many problems that come along, like dandelions, they can survive anywhere and just keep popping up.  Where other people struggle to grow and cope with ordinary situations, like Orchids that need a specific environment.  Given the right nurturing environment they can all thrive and blossom beautifully like Orchids. 

For further information on the Spring Equinox go here.  If you'd like a little more background information on the Dandelion and Orchid theory go here.

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Carli said...

Happy Birthday Mrs Spring Equinox, it suits you so well.