Monday, 12 September 2011

Fairy bread, jelly oranges and balloons

It was a sad day on Friday.  It was the day that determined that there would be no more five year old's in our home.  Toby turned six.  It wasn't really that sad, but I did have a moment of reflection.   My boys are growing up fast, and especially the littlest one. 

Toby had a few friends over after school on his birthday and we played a few games.  I'm afraid all they wanted to do was play and wrestle and jump on the trampoline.  We were fortunate with the weather as the sun came out just before school pick up time, which meant we weren't going to be bringing five extra soggy boys home from school as it had been raining earlier in the day.

Toby's cake choice this year was Captain Rex from Star Wars Clone Wars, another of Donald's decorating masterpieces.  It just so happened that Toby's birthday cake was just like his new watch that he loves!!

He was even given an an Assistant Principals award at assembly on his birthday too!!  I kind of think he had a fantastic day.  Now if only he would stay six forever....


Saturday was spent building the lego Star Wars and Ninjago toys that Toby got for his birthday, he was in heaven.  Sunday was the boys soccer trophy presentation day.  Fortunately for us the rain held off and it was a beautiful day.  Last year it was canceled due to the rain.  So the boys had a fun day with free sausages, lollies, ice blocks, jumping castle and slide and of course their well earned trophies.


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