Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Nerf Wars have begun

Last weekend Ethan was invited to a birthday party, but not just any party, a Nerf party.  The boys were asked to bring along a nerf gun if they had one, otherwise there would be spare ones at the party.  The moment Donald heard this his mind started ticking over, so of course he had to go and buy a nerf gun for Ethan to take to the party.   Mind you it was a rather modest sized nerf gun, compared to those at the party, but still big enough to have some fun with.

Oh my goodness, the frenzied activity to put it together after purchasing it and the decision as to who would get to fire the first shot.  I think Donald made a bargain with the boys that the first person to kill the fly buzzing around the house would be the first one to fire it.  Sam tried hard to catch the fly and when he did it was still alive and it flew away, so he lost out.  Amelia seemed to be the only one who was able to catch a fly. . . . that is until I swatted one.  Unfortunately by this time the first round had already been fired off.  Donald ended up taking Ethan to the party and he (Donald that is ) got mighty jealous of all of the nerf guns he saw.  His mind did not stop ticking over about getting another nerf gun and I guess the boys were dreaming of owning their own nerf gun someday too!

Tuesday afternoon after Donald came home from work he took the boys shopping. . . . you guessed it. . . . for nerf guns.  We had a gift voucher from Christmas that needed to be used up and this was as good an opportunity as any.  Well he managed to purchase the mother of all guns that was in fact a double nerf gun.  Don't ask me what one it was, all I know is that it came with a magazine of nerf pellets and it's humongous, not only that Donald also bought a bandoleer to hold extra ammunition.

The last thing Donald said to me that night was, "How about we get up really early one morning and ambush the boys when they get out of bed".  Little did he know that Ethan had exactly the same thought.  Early Wednesday morning Ethan was up before everyone else, with the bandoleer strapped to his chest and nerf gun set up on the table he was in place to ambush everyone who came through the lounge/dining room door, as you can see by the series of photo's.  I think poor old Toby who was very bleary eyed got the biggest shock.

And then it was Donald's turn.

I'm still an advocate for no guns in the house, but when you've got a house full of boys and that is all they dream about (especially the biggest boy. . . and I mean Donald) I kind of don't get much say in the matter anymore.  At least I've managed to keep the weapons down to light sabers and water pistols for the last 12 years. 

 Say hello to the Bandito Brothers.

I am told that the nerf gun is great for swatting flies, turning off the tv, even starting the washing machine and getting boys to do their homework. . . I think these nerf guns are going to come in handy!!


Ethan said...

The HUGE gun is called the Longshot CS-6. They don't call it that for nothing! :)

Deso said...

This is the first I've heard about a nerf gun. Is it the latest best thing for boys????